Can Cloud Technology Assist with Disaster Recovery and Resiliency?

“Civilization advances by extending the number of
important operations which we can perform without thinking of them. “ Alfred North Whitehead

In my last blogs we talked about virtualization and the every growing maturity of technology, and how to select a data center.  While technology has stabilized, performance and resiliency is needed more than ever.
Cloud Computing is agile, however still needs to have redundancy for failover to another facility.  Many forget that Cloud allows you to expand your business quickly in peak seasons, and reduce costs and infrastructure needed during off  seasons.

Cloud is the next wave of technology and most companies are now ensuring that their applications are able to run in the cloud.  Cloud also enables the ability to outsource IT across the enterprise, likely leading to cost savings.  With the  intent of growing your business towards resiliency please ensure to pick a provider and use the following guidelines when selecting your provider.

Are you using cloud technology?

Does your provider have a failover facility?

Does your provider have the ability to
grow your business?        

Please let me know your thoughts on cloud technology and disaster recovery.  How can you be ready?


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