Hurricane Sandy Update

Well, in theory the worst of Hurricane Sandy is now over. But for hundreds of thousands of people, the destruction left behind is a large barrier to getting over the storm’s destruction. With some people trying to get back to normal – battling traffic to get into Manhattan there are many many other people who are facing lost homes, missing belongings, the loss of businesses and many unanswered questions.

The East Coast is in the early days of realizing how much Sandy has really impacted folks. While some will be wringing their hands suggesting that people, government, and business should have been better prepared – there really are no clear cut answers. In coming days we will learn of communities, businesses, people and institutions that were prepared for such a disaster and we’ll hear and read stories of those that weren’t. Now is not a time for placing blame and pointing fingers – but rather a time to come together and support those that we can.

As we did earlier in the week, we’ve pulled together some links about Hurricane Sandy:

  • Status of services and transportation in New York City
  • Google’s crisis map
  • Gas shortages and traffic jams
  • A report on communities that were and weren’t prepared
  • Medical research losses mounting
  • Disaster relief funding
  • The New York City marathon will go on
  • Prepared but not prepared enough
The thoughts of everyone here at DRJ are with those who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. 

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