Subscription and assistance need to not be forgotten

Are you tired of calling your data protection vendor and having them tell you that your issue is a hardware problem only to have the hardware vendor point the finger back to the solution provider? Finger pointing is a huge waste of time and can actually cause major disruptions in service.

When choosing a data protection solution, look for one that offers peace of mind through world-class customer support as well as subscription and support (maintenance) contracts, which provide enormous financial value to customers.

For example, all improvements made to a solution in the past three years as well as the planned improvements for the next three years should be taken into consideration, such as source and target data deduplication, the eight-fold increase in scalability and substantial improvements in reliability, performance and ease of use.

The best of both worlds is where all these new features are provided to existing customers at no additional charge through their subscription and support contracts. These customers enjoy all the benefits of new versions as they are released without incurring additional costs. As a result, subscription and support will be significantly enhanced during the lifespan of the solution.

 Another factor that is just as important is the quality of support. If you have multiple products cobbled together to create a solution, this can be a real problem as there is no single owner to any issue that occurs. The appliance model of data protection excels here as the appliance provider can support the hardware, software, operating systems and everything in between.

 When choosing your data protection solution, do not discount the value of support and subscription as it can make your life a lot better having a good support organization standing behind your solution.

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