Three Trends in IT Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is constantly being influenced by trends in the IT industry.  These trends are forcing businesses to reevaluate how they plan, test, and execute their disaster recovery plans.  The following are a few IT trends and how they are affecting the disaster recovery strategies for businesses in every industry.

Cloud Services:  As the cloud computing industry grows and businesses adopt more cloud services, they are realizing that the cloud can become part of their disaster recovery plan.  Instead of buying resources in case of a disaster, cloud computing allows companies to pay for long-term data storage on a pay-per-use basis, and therefore only pay for servers if they have a need to run them for a disaster or test.  Cloud-based disaster recovery gives businesses the potential for a lower cost, faster, and more flexible recovery solution for backing up their data.

Virtualization:  Server virtualization has become a key component of the disaster recovery plan for many businesses because it enables greater flexibility with computing resources.  Virtualization allows businesses to create an image of an entire data center that can be quickly activated when needed, giving companies a faster recovery time at a relatively low cost.

Mobile Connectivity:  In terms of disaster recovery, the growing use of mobile devices in the workplace facilitates business continuity when disaster strikes because mobile devices give people the ability to work remotely and maintain communication in the event of a disaster.  This keeps business operations functioning and minimizes downtime.

Because natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, and snow storms can put a business out of commission for a while, it is important to have an efficient, low cost, reliable disaster recovery plan in place.  IT managers should consider how these trends in the industry can be best leveraged to improve disaster recovery strategies.  

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